Wellbeing Course
Busy Educators

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The Skill of Happiness on Eduspark

4 modules

Dr Gihan Jayaweera or 'Dr G', an Australian based doctor who brings a refreshing, relevant and highly practical approach to educator wellbeing.

Eduspark is a complete professional learning platform for educators and their schools globally. It offers high impact courses from the best educational minds in the world

Dwight School

Free Keynote Speech that takes a live coaching approach and tackles the constant flow of uncertainty and unmet expectations that an educator is faced with in the face of the COVID 19 pandemic.

"Insightful - if this is new for you, it can be life-changing. If it is not new, it is a life-changing reminder. Fabulous stuff Dr G!"  Andrew Mowat (Educator and Co-Founder of Eduspark)

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